That Time When A Bunch Of Troops Suddenly Turned Their Backs On Robin Williams – Video


Robin Williams had the perfect response when troops turned their backs on him during a 2007 USO Tour performance.

During a performance in Kuwait, Robin Williams was smack dab in the middle of his performance when suddenly, the troops turned their backs on him.

Robin Williams played it cool when his audience turned their back on him during a performance in Kuwait. Robin got a surprise of his life when his performance for the troops at Camp Arifijan got interrupted when his entire audience of American soldiers suddenly ceases laughing at his jokes, stood up and turned their back away from him.

It certainly shocked him, and he had to ask what it was, and why.

Here’s how it went down in a clip that was sent to David Letterman and later aired on his show.

And for David Letterman’s sendoff to the beloved Mr. Williams, go here.

Brandon Weber

Brandon Weber

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Brandon Weber